What are website builders?

Website builders are user-friendly tools which enable the construction of websites use drag & drop technology.

Website Builders enable the user to create and maintain a website without the need for manual code editing. Website builders will use quality template designs with WYSIWYG editing (what you see is what you get)

There are two main types of website builders:

  1. Offline website builders – Packaged as software programs    Example of an offline website builder is Dreamweaver.
  2. Online website builders – Which are online proprietary tools typically offered by web hosting companies & online services

Example of an online website builders are WixSquareSpace

In this day and age, it is more common for users to use online website builders due to the ease of use and cost benefits.

What are the Best Website Builders?

Review the many Website Builders Features

What are the features of website builders?

Website builders, whether ‘Free’ or ‘Paid’, often share certain features:

  • Drag and Drop Editor. Easy customize of your website. Simple drag and drop editing WYSIWYG
  • Style customisability. Change text, images & functions.
  • Templates Designs. 100s+ Website design ready to use
  • Responsive and Mobile Templates
  • E-Commerce Shop. Built-in & external online store
  • Social Integration
  • Tech support

“Website Builders are suitable for Beginners”

What are the pros and cons for Website Builders?


Website Builders Pros

  1. Free/highly affordable for users
  2. Easy to use
  3. No coding knowledge
  4. How to Guides
  5. No extra separate software
  6. Library of templates and themes
  7. Access to free plugins and 3rd party services

Website Builders Cons

  1. With Free Builders – Advertisements
  2. With Free Builders – No domain name
  3. Limited Bandwidth & Webspace
  4. Difficult to switch to another website builder/host
  5. Limited access to source code
  6. Limited SEO configuration

"For Website Builders, The Pros outweigh the cons"

What are the differences between free and paid Website Builders?

FREE Website Builders

  1. As suggested, FREE to the end user
  2. Good enough for beginners
  3. May not have a choice in specific domain names
  4. Often contains advertisements
  5. Certain features/addons remain locked
  6. Limited customisability to design and themes
  7. Limited ecommerce features
  8. Limited website analytics capabilities

PAID Website Builders

  1. Affortable Price – Ranges $5-$30/m
  2. All premium features enabled
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth & Webspace
  4. Freedom in customisation
  5. Often comes with ecommerce features

“Best to start with the free website builders service and then upgrade”

Top 3 Website Builders Features

What are the factors to consider before choosing a suitable website builder?

Before choosing a suitable website builder, users will need to consider the following factors:

  1. Purpose What are you trying to achieve with the website? Does your website builder offer functions for a blog or e-commerce?
  2. Skill. Second factor to consider would be the level of skill and coding experience.
  3. Cost. Most online website builders are affortable (appox $5-30/m) However you may want to try the free ad support version first.

Top website builders.

Comparison of the top 4 website builders in the world

We think are the top 4 website builders in the world:

  1. SquareSpace

2. WIX